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Friends of Felines

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This community was created in loving memory of Rita. Wherever she is now, may she be happy.

This is a community dedicated to all the cats of the world, be they young or old, healthy or ill, alive or having passed on. By having this community, we hope to inspire others to adopt their cats from shelters and save so many precious feline lives.

I got something on my mind...Makes me sad and makes me cry.

Johnny wanna live...

Just an ordinary day
An animal will pass away...oh no
Johnny wanna live

Who's to say he got no rights, even not a right to life. Don't know why it leaves you cold. Don't know how to make it show...oh no... Johnnny wanna live...

Got to give his skin away, for coats they wear on summer days..oh no.. Johnny wanna live

Beauty aid and all the rest, come directly from a test...oh no...Johnny wanna live.

Through his eyes I look inside his heart. He can feel like me and you...can't defend himself cause he can't talk. And this is why I talk to you.

Johnny isn't just a name--he stands for every creature's pain - oh no... Johnny wanna live.
-Sarah Brightman's "Johnny Wanna Live"