Gigi Bobbsey (gigi_bobbsey) wrote in fof,
Gigi Bobbsey

Cats in need of help!

I posted info about my animal welfare blog and many people were making a fuss over there being no reference to cats. I give you this:

The Tiger Ranch cat sanctuary located in Frazer, PA was raided recently, upon which PSPCA workers found around 600 cats on the property, including 200 dead ones in freezers. The majority of the living cats were infected with various parasites, respiratory diseases, mouth, nose, and eye infections, along with many other illnesses. Many had to be euthanized, as they were already dying from starvation or other disease due to lack of veterinary care. The owner is facing 593 counts of animal cruelty. The PSPCA is in need of donations for the continued care of these cats so they can find forever homes. Please click on the link to my blog to find out more information, how to help, and how to adopt one of the surviving cats.
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